Frequent Questions

What is Lateplate App?

A simpler way to handle to-go requests for your organization's meal plan. Rather than writing names on a paper or texting your friend, use Lateplate App to track, list, and organize requests. People can add their dietary restrictions, so they're never missed. Kitchen managers can even limit requests.

How do I register?

If you're here to register a new organization, look at Starting an Organization. Otherwise, to register and join an existing organization, you'll start by creating an account. After that, search for your organization, then hit the "Join..." button. Enter your organization's secret to join. Then you'll be able to request lateplates.

What's the secret sign-up word?

Each organization has a secret word that people enter when signing up. It keeps random people from joining your organization and spamming requests. The secret is set by organization managers, and can be as short or long as wanted (so if you're signing up, and don't know yours, ask your kitchen manager).

How do I add my dietary restrictions?

Diets are set on the Account page. Check off anything you don't eat, then hit the "Save Diets" button. The icon and name will appear next to any requests you make.

Can I limit access to requests?

Yes. Organization managers can limit members from requesting recurring lateplates. You can also promote members to kitchen hands, who can remove others' lateplate requests.

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